May 31, 2013
Grey Heaven Fall / Twilight is Mine - "The Original Seed of Decadence" / "Age of Aquarius"
was released on the label
Aesthetics of Devastation
Official video for the song "Abomination of Divine"
September 18, 2015

"Black Wisdom". Soon.
October 30, 2015
Aesthetics of Devastation manifesto:
Attention! October, 30, 2015. Today the second full-length album called “Black Wisdom” by Grey Heaven Fall is released. We realize that not everyone will be capable of comprehending this record in full, because the words, that God said, aren’t food for those whose hearts are fading away. “Aesthetics” insists on being responsible for careful listening to the album as the Art demands. Savour these sounds as if you sip an old wine. Don’t be in a hurry while detecting inflections. Seek after something that is covered with great and eternal Being mourning. Before trying to find God in Beauty, look for Him in the deepest abomination.

The author of the cover art is the Italian artist Sergio Padovani
April 27, 2016
Behold a phantasmagoric theatre of bones.

The album was recorded in EGO Sound Studio
November 13, 2019
While grey heavens are spreading the poison of mourning melancholy around the air, autumn is leaving us and the winds are catching the last falling leaves, we would like to present you our last creation.
But we are sad to announce that the band Grey Heaven Fall will cease to exist.
We`ve said all that needed to be said over these long laborious and eventful 13 years we worked on the project.
The cassette tape release is available here. The release includes author's pictures painted by the band's guitarist/vocalist.
The number is strictly limited to 6 (six) copies.